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Course objectives

The course participant will gain a basic orientation in warehouse logistics, but above all will gain an overview of the relationship between inventory structure, warehouse and handling technology, warehouse information system and warehouse process management. Emphasis is placed on technical and system options for increasing the efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations. The interpretation of the issue is based primarily on practical experience gained in the design of warehouses, their implementation and commissioning. The course acquaints participants with all important aspects for optimization or design of efficient warehouse operations.

Course content

  • The main purpose of logistics, the relationship between logistics and marketing, logistics processes
  • Logistics costs vs. logistics processes, calculation of logistics costs
  • Financial and process views - conventional / modern warehousing technology systems, choice of optimal warehousing and handling technology (racks, system warehouses, automation, TRENDS in warehousing logistics)
  • Procedures, risks and benefits of implementing warehouse management systems (storage information systems, WMS, barcodes, RFID)
  • Tools for managing and improving the efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations - monitoring, motivation, division of activities, optimal procedure for designing changes in the existing warehouse, optimal procedure for designing a new warehouse, case studies, analyzes, rough solution, detailed design, project management

Additional information

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