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Logo and certification marks policy

The system certificate or mark (logo) can only be used to advertise this system. Product-focused advertising is not allowed. The holder of the certificate is fully responsible for admissible advertising with a declaration of system certification. Revision reports may only be reproduced in full, with the date of issue.

CeMS, s.r.o. marks (logo) can only be used by an organization that owns a valid management system implementation certificate issued by CeMS, s.r.o. After the expiration of the certification cycle, the organization must withdraw the marks (logo) from circulation. Brands (logo) may only be changed geometrically in accordance with their size.

According to the signed Certification/Recertification Agreements, CeMS has the right to properly control the ownership of marks, their use and the display of certification marks issued to them by individual management systems. In case of incorrect use, the auditors record a discrepancy.

CeMS, s.r.o. reserves the copyright for any changes and modifications in the company's mark (logo).

The mark (logo) of CeMS s.r.o. cannot be used:

Supervision of the use of the certificate and mark

During the validity of the certificate, the CeMS, s.r.o. certification body supervises the certified organizations (surveillance/control audit). Part of this supervision is also the supervision of the use of certificates and the CeMS, s.r.o. logo.

Supervision of the use of certificates and the CeMS, s.r.o. logo will also be carried out in case of filing a complaint against the certified organization and in case of accidental findings from catalogues, advertisements and the like.