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Why is it important?

Coaching is extremely important in project management, because the project manager has to play several roles in the implementation of the project. First of all, the project manager has to take on the role of integrator: he is often the only person who can look at the project and how it fits into the overall plan of the organization. The project manager must also be able to explain the goal of the project and communicate it with members and non-members of the project team.


Advantages of Coaching

Effective Coaching process in 10 steps

The goal is to create a balance between technical and relationship skills in a process that enriches the clients individual resources while overcoming possible resistance.

  1. The first meeting with the company's top management in order to identify the needs of the coach in accordance with the company's goals.
  2. 360 ° evaluation of the coachee in order to define the current situation (strengths and weaknesses)
  3. During the first Coaching, the coach and the coached client think together about the results of the evaluation and define the goals of the coaching process.
  4. The coach and the coached client have a Coaching plan and identify KPIs.
  5. Management approves the Coaching plan.
  6. The coach and the coached client begin coaching sessions according to the coaching plan.
  7. The coach provides the coached clientwith individual training lessons (Coaching), during which he observes his improvements and changes.
  8. The coach provides feedback to the coached client on these changes and improvements.
  9. The coach will prepare a Coaching Report, which summarizes the entire Coaching process with a description of the improvement. If any critical areas persist, they will also list them.
  10. Management decides whether to end the coaching process or continue with some subsequent meetings.