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Quality policy

The quality policy of CeMS, s.r.o. defines the strategic direction of the organization with regard to the mandatory fulfillment of applicable requirements within the defined scope of the subject of the management system.

This policy takes into account the relevant relationships between customer requirements and the applicability of regulations and legal requirements in order to manage the risks and opportunities that may affect the ability to improve customer satisfaction.

The goal of CeMS, s.r.o. is to provide services in such a way as to satisfy the needs and requirements of current and future customers related to the compliance, reliability, information security, quality, prices and delivery dates of products and services, as well as minimal impact on the environment.

In the implementation of our activities, we are based on the examined requirements of customers and business partners in order to act in accordance with customer expectations and therefore the company's management is committed to the following:

The quality policy is binding for all employees of the company. All company executives are obliged to apply this quality policy in practice, to take effective measures for further development.